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My core ambition is to make dreams become a reality by building innovative strategies to aid in fostering the company's image. Visionary, strategic, agile, and cultured. This is what I live by. Where the journey is passionate, values are individually appreciated, and personal performance is refined. Where I can make as many meaningful connections along the way.


I studied with the intention to change lives with what I have.

Communications / Public Relations

Digital   Marketing  

Creative / Art Direction

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing / Management

Digital and Brand Design

Email  Marketing

UX/UI Design


A little bit

more about me

Passionate, driven, and a visionary are three words that can easily describe me. I have always been fascinated by pretty much everything. From being a self-taught musician (thank you YouTube), to diving into the technology spectrum and being the family IT, to branding party invitations for loved ones because we ‘needed to have the coolest party on the block’. I came to the realization that all of these passions meshed together smoothly falls under one umbrella – connection. Connection with a human being, whether it’s one on one, or even scaling all the way up to a vast audience, is needed. I fell in love with being able to connect by simply conversing with people. I started this journey at church, usually being the one to not shy away from the stage or in family gatherings – I thirsted for the participation. The engagement from me to the other individual(s) was often purposeful, with questions floating in my mind like, “How can we make this exchange meaningful? How can we make a difference?” And this is where my second passion came in: communications.

“How can I help lead a company's image ? How can we continuously challenge ourselves to creating something new? How can we connect the dots in the way that people will not simply hear you, but believe in what you are saying?” We are in the age of information. Creative strategy, marketing, external/internal communications, social media, and more are all platforms that people run to for answers. Innovation is key, to be vessels with solutions and not be a part of the status quo.

I graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Organizational Communication Arts with goals to pursue my Masters in Marketing. I am currently working as a Marketing Communications Specialist and volunteer as a Youth Director of Communications and Creative Direction, Worship Leader, and part of a Youth Leadership council. 

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