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Digital Marketing


I helped BCA develop and launch a digital marketing strategy that included SEO and SEM research.


Keyword Research
Domain Authority
Referring Domains
With 20 years in the IT support business under their belt, BCA has never implemented a marketing plan

In their 20 years of business, BCA has never implemented a plan to market their brand. Their IT service company had the necessity of growing their client portfolio per month in order to keep up with their growth and expansion rates throughout South Florida. The company was struggling to meet this quota and was often losing potential candidates to competing IT support companies. And then, the unthinkable happened: the pandemic. Businesses were closing by the tons and companies were struggling to keep their boat afloat. BCA was now forced to change their approach in client building - it was time for a new marketing strategy. Recently hired to the team, I knew this was going to be a challenge.

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Formulating a digital marketing strategy

BCA has been stagnant in obtaining clients since the year 2010 and on. They've maintained a variety of clientele, yet the security of keeping your customers is difficult, often leading to the push in getting more business. Especially during the time of the pandemic, many businesses were closing or on the verge of closing due to their client portfolio loss. 

Our challenge was to evolve with the current customers and those that are to come in a highly competitive on-demand field. The IT industry has evolved with new areas in the market, ranging from more innovative products in the outsourced IT area, to the cybersecurity risks that are faced on a global scale, to the loss of data and safeguarding your company's private information, and more.

This strategy would provide a more data driven, personal approach in how the customer is aware and reaches out to the company. With this new benefit, we aimed to create conversions that will last.

We've conducted SEO, SEM and market research to drive our planning phase. 

Goal & Objectives

How to bring traffic and conversions

Search Your Competitor

Competitive brands and sites

SEO & SEM/PPC Research

Keyword research, backlinks, domain authority, and more

Content Marketing

Blogs and website content

Email Marketing

Monthly newsletters for exposure

Search Your Clients

User intent and behavior

Decide the Role

Delegate tasks to the team

Social Media

Increase brand awareness and exposure

Mobile Marketing

Tailored to the mobile-friendly user

Measure / Analyst Data

Review and oversee analytics to develop innovative strategies
The Framework
Mapping out the marketing initiatives

After much conducted research, we reviewed some of our notes in an effort to make sure that our keyword research and backlink research was well worth the spending. 

After implementing the budget formulating an umbrella of programs, we began to test each one. Ranging from Ahrefs, to UberSuggest, to Google Analytics, a well executed campaign was well on its way. Since the target audience is typically small-to-medium sized business owners, CEOS, CIOS, law firms, healthcare industries, and more - I had to tailor the content to speak to many audiences, yet maintain the technology ecosystem.

After all, the traffic was low before any of these strategies were implemented.

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The Execution
Bringing it all to life

The plan was ready and now, it is time to execute. A/B testing was a pivotal part of what's to come, but we saw traffic, domain authority, and backlinking steadily rise, thus causing a ripple effect in obtaining conversions.

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The Refinement
Last minute pivots

Upon the increase of traffic, I also came across another strategy which I cannot disclose, that resulted in a mass amount of conversions and domain authority boost. 

These efforts have generated well over 20 account conversions, all on a monthly subscription cost of $1,500 - $10,000 per account.

What I learned

Curiosity is your best friend. That's what it took to learn and grow in the digital marketing world. From YouTube videos to podcasts to A/B testing, there was a lot of tests and trials in order to see these results. The weight of having a company who has been in the business for this long depend on you for their future revenue is a huge burden on your shoulders, but I took on the challenge and never looked back. I value innovation and growth, always aiming to sharpen my craft with many more of these projects. Being a brick on a building is so key nowadays, especially for startups. I'm proud of my first digital marketing project. Today, many of our clients and those that have come along due to these initiatives are enjoying the user experience and we are exceeding our business objectives. Digital marketing will never be finalized, but this is a stepping stone for what's to come.