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Website Redesign


I helped BCA develop and launch a website rebrand that included design, SEO, SEM, and photography and video content.


Art Design
Content Creation
Web Design
The challenge of rebranding an IT company that has been in business for over 20 years

2019 was a year of significant transition for BCA. Their IT support company had the daunting need of growing their clientele per month in order to keep up with their growth and expansion rates throughout South Florida. The company was struggling to meet this quota and was often losing potential candidates to competing IT support companies. After being hired as a Marketing Assistant, I put some thought into what design and digital work I could do to help with this problem. With no marketing initiatives being implemented, this was going to be a challenge.


Customer Insights & Ideation

I partnered with one project manager to translate concepts into features that address customer behavior.

Experience Strategy & Vision

I led and designed the frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. This helped in gaining alignment, delivering the ideas in detail in order to drive decision making.

Planning & Scope Definition

I defined the project alongside my project manager. I envangelized the business goals in balance with the customer goals. 

Oversight & Coordination

Design Execution & Validation


I designed across and delegated to developers the direction of the platform to translate the company's vision. 
I designed all the service products, ranging from managed IT, to cybersecurity, to backup & disaster recovery, and cloud computing. I executed design specs, prototypes, journeys, and wireframes.
I spearheaded, designed, and presented works to the CIO/CEO executive throughout the project lifecycle.
Creating a deeper relationship with customers

BCA has been stagnant in obtaining clients since the year 2010 and on. They've maintained a variety of clientele, yet the security of keeping your customers is difficult, often leading to the push in getting more business. 

Our challenge was to evolve with the current customers and those that are to come in a highly competitive on-demand field. The IT industry has evolved with new areas in the market, ranging from more innovative products in the outsourced IT area, to the cybersecurity risks that are faced on a global scale, to the loss of data and safeguarding your company's private information, and more.

This redesign would provide a more personal, significant approach in how the customer reaches out to the company. With this new benefit, we aimed to create deeper relationships with BCA's customers.

We've conducted customer and market research to drive our planning phase. We did case studies on our current clients to see what motivates them to go onto the website and what behaviors and motivations they typically use.

Easy accessibility

The primary segments the customer mentioned were the need for easy accessibility to the services. 

Design and layout

Customers mentioned a need for an upgrade on the page layout and branding. This ties into ease of accessibility.

24/7 Response Time

Customers want to know that their service request will be handled anytime, anywhere.

Outsourcing to save

One of the driving factors for many customers are the cost of service. Outsourcing IT companies are often much more cost-efficient, therefore making that a mission to evanglize.
The Framework
Mapping out the user experience

After much conducted research, we reviewed some of our notes in an effort to make sure that the design wasn't simply modern, but worked seamlessly. I noticed the similarity in designs for IT service companies and I wanted BCA to really stand out. Therefore, I built the entire design over several other industries to expand our range.

After grey-boxing and designing wireframes, I went about defining the visual style of the homepage so that it could carry across smoothly to all the other pages. Since the target audience is typically small-to-medium sized business owners, CEOS, CIOS, law firms, healthcare industries, and more - I had to tailor the visual design to speak to many audiences, yet maintain the technology ecosystem.

Here are some of my notes:
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The Execution
Bringing it all to life

Below are some of the previews of the layouts we launched for the website, ranging from the services, to the support options, and more.

Managed it service offering.jpg
Built to be responsive

I recognized that many of our target demographic were searching for our site via mobile device. It was critical of us to create a site that was visually appealing on all devices, maintaining the quality of the service, and following grid structure to keep everything orderly.

Blog Management
The Refinement
Last minute pivots

We gathered some of our team members and investigated the top categories for customer feedback in case we needed to address some changes.

The Launch
Pulling the trigger

One the afternoon of June 12, we began rolling out the new website for BCA IT Inc. to all online platforms. The launch went wonderfully - an amazing achievement for a first-timer and considering the scale and complexity of the deployment.

What I learned

Never feel intimidated by a project of this scale. As a first-time, right out of college communications major, this was a bit scary. The weight of having a company who has been in the business for this long depend on you for their future revenue is a huge weight on your shoulders, but I took on the challenge and never looked back. I value focus, simplicity, and innovation. I aspire to make people happy by delivering experiences that they can connect to. I aspire to continue to grow in my craft with many more of these projects. The value I have for the people is meaningful and being a brick on a building is a great feeling. I'm proud of my first big project. Today, many of our clients and those that have come along due to these initiatives are enjoying the user experience and we are exceeding our business objectives. This project will never be 'done', but this is a foundation.